I am well pleased

Tonight I began a study of Mark with a girl here. I am using N. T. Wright’s Mark for Everyone as a companion guide to our conversations. In the account of Jesus’ baptism, Wright points out something that I never considered in the story. When God the Father opens the heavens and says, “You are my son, whom I love; with you I am well pleased,” Wright comments that we should all hear this message when we are baptized. We are all God’s children. He has chosen us; he loves us; he is pleased with us. I love that, and I have never taken that part of the story so personally.

Well, soon after that study I was catching up on reading some blog posts. I know that I have referenced Katie so many times, but she just has a way with words. Her post today couldn’t have been more perfect to go along with the idea above. I love when that happens!

Click here for Katie’s words

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