We have received amazing support from our families, friends, and supporting churches since returning home from Peru. I have definitely been absent from blogging. A lot has happened in our time with my parents, and we have now made our…Continue Reading →

Learning to Swim

Our kids didn’t have many opportunities to swim in our time in Peru. Ana took lessons one summer, but it was like one teacher to 15 kids… impossible. For the last two weeks, 2 sweet sisters have been teaching my…Continue Reading →

Waterfall Fun

Collin and Kristin came into town this weekend for Mother’s Day. On Saturday, we decided to take a family hike to Machine Gun Falls.

Reentry: Post 2

A lot has happened that I want to take the time to write about: our celebration Sunday welcoming back our family and the Smiths, how the kids have been dealing with our return, how Greg and I are processing this…Continue Reading →

Reentry: Post 1

I haven’t written a blog post since returning to the states. Our lives seemed like they were in the midst of chaos before we left Peru, and I can’t say that it’s gotten much better. I have several stories that…Continue Reading →