Idiot’s Guide to the INTJ

I found out that there is help out there for those close to me. Below is just the overview. Sections 3 and 4 are also very practical. =) INTJ Overview Since numerous detailed INTJ type descriptions are already available on…Continue Reading →

For Our Supporters

We’re back from the wedding and the conference, and it’s time now to focus on our transition. The first thing I want to do is be grateful. It’s a daunting task to try to mention everyone that has held up…Continue Reading →

Sibling days in AQP

  The last week of September, I paid for a family photo session. I am so happy with the images the Eternity Fotos produced for our family. These are memories that I will forever cherish–my kids in their final months…Continue Reading →

Culture Shock

cul·ture shock noun the feeling of disorientation experienced by someone who is suddenly subjected to an unfamiliar culture, way of life, or set of attitudes. I have been thinking about culture shock a lot recently. As missionaries moving to a…Continue Reading →